Governance & Board

Community Centre is a place where the community is involved in all aspects of its operations. The Community Centre functions under a unique community governance model, whereby the facility is run in partnership between Parkgate Community Services Society (PCSS) and the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture (NVRC).

PCSS is responsible for delivering community programs and services for children, youth, families and seniors through the Community Centre. The NVRC is responsible for the weight room, fitness classes, registered sports skill development and outdoor recreation services at the Community Centre.  The shared management of the Community Centre allows citizens to play an essential role in its operations, and establishes programs and services that directly meet the community’s needs.

PCSS is continually establishing other significant community partnerships that lead to increased community involvement and engagement. PCSS is a catalyst for people to get together to improve and enhance their lives and the lives of others in the community. Each year, more than 300 volunteers are involved with PCSS, and help with a wide variety of programs for children, youth, families, seniors, as well as special events and projects.

2018 Parkgate Annual Report

Strategic Plan  

Please click here to review the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan

Our Mission is the direction and purpose for PCSS – it is what drives our work and helps keep us focused on achieving success:

  • PCSS is an innovative leader in creating opportunities for each person in our community to live life better. We reach out to develop, support and strengthen the community we serve. We collaborate with organizations, and connect and engage families and individuals of all generations, cultures and abilities.

Our Vision outlines the goals PCSS has for the future:

  • To make a positive difference in the life of every person in our community.

Our Values are the principles that guide PCSS’s internal conduct and external relationships:

  • Innovation – Integrity – Excellence – Respect – Accountability

Our mission, vision and values have evolved and developed from a former strategic plan, but remain fundamentally lasting, like a good road map. We want to help lead our community to live life better.

Board of Directors

The PCSS Board of Directors is elected by registered members of PCSS, with up to twelve qualified, experienced professionals with various backgrounds and perspectives.

President  Teresa Comey
Vice-President Carmel Wiseman
Treasurer Pamela Mann
Secretary Carol Donohoe
Members at Large Trelawny Bell
Susan Chan
Earle Cherneski
Besire Culhaoglu
Nick Hosseinzadeh
Patrick Weafer
John Wiggins

If you wish to contact the Board of Directors of PCSS please send an email to: [email protected]