Parkgate Community Services Society (PCSS) is a registered not-for-profit charitable society that has been in operation since 1983. PCSS provides community based programs and services out of Parkgate Community Centre, the Seymour Youth Centre, and other satellite locations.

PCSS officially celebrated its 30th year in 2013, but community members were engaged in connecting people for many years prior to 1983.

Early Beginnings

In 1974, Burrard View School Association set up an information centre as a way to keep a neighbourly spirit alive and to connect community members with one another. Dedicated volunteers with knowledge about the neighbourhood and its resources provided a telephone/drop-in service to help people locate community services and activities.

Community Services at Seycove Secondary Community School

In 1979, the information centre at Burrard View School and other community services, such as the District of North Vancouver Public Library, were relocated to the “community wing” of Seycove Secondary Community School.  The Seycove Community Wing in the school was renamed the Seycove Community Centre, and it was home to the Deep Cove Heritage Society, the Seymour Art Gallery and the information centre.

The community centre became a neighbourhood hub for programs and services offered out of Burrard View Community School (now a cooperative housing site), Sherwood Park Elementary School and Seycove Secondary Community School.

Deep Cove/Dollarton Community Services Programs Society

In 1983, after almost a decade of dedicated volunteers providing community information and programs out of school  space, the Deep Cove/Dollarton Community Programs Society (DCDCPS) officially registered as a not-for-profit charitable society and began to operate out of the Seycove Community Centre.

The DCDCPS was established as a result of an expressed desire from residents who wanted an official and ongoing opportunity to give input in the implementation of a broad base of community programs and services. Programs offered out of the Seycove Community Centre and local elementary schools grew to meet residents’ needs.

The Emergence of Parkgate Community Services Society

The DCDCPS eventually became Parkgate Community Services Society, but not without a few name changes along the way.

To reflect the changing neighbourhoods in the east of Seymour area, and the ever-changing activities of the society, the DCDCPS changed its name in the 1990s – first, to Seycove Community Programs Society and then to Seycove Community Services Society.

Throughout the 1990s, the society worked with many community agencies and organizations, and was instrumental in establishing partnerships that resulted in improved services to neighbourhood residents.

In 1999, the society partnered with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture, as mandated by the District of North Vancouver, under a unique community governance model. The goal was to provide community programs and services to people of all ages. In 2004, the society changed its name to Parkgate Community Services Society to reflect the link with Parkgate Community Centre.

‘The Road to Parkgate’, a short history, compiled by volunteer writer Racan Souiedan was presented at Parkgate Community Services Society’s 30th Anniversary.  To download and read a copy, click on the icon below.

Road to Parkgate Front cover