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Parkgate Community Centre Front Desk
Phone: 604-983-6350
Fax: 604-983-6357
E-mail: [email protected]

Due to more stringent requirements, we have implemented new security practices that may cause your emails to be rejected by our servers.  If your email has been rejected by our servers, or you have not received a reply from us, please phone us at 604 983- 6350 and/or forward the rejection notice to [email protected] Thank you!

Board of Directors:
[email protected]

Parkgate Society Management & Supervisors:

Title Name Phone Email
Executive Director Adele Wilson 604-983-6375 [email protected]
Community Engagement Manager Ellen Clague 604-983-6371 [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator Kelsey Grass 604-983-6378 [email protected]
Accounting & Finance Manager LeeAnne Robertson 604-983-6372 [email protected]
Child Care & Family:
Child Care & Family Services Manager Christine Mann 604-983-6365 [email protected]
Seymour School Age Care Supervisor Nicole Hocevar 604-983-6673 [email protected]
Parkgate School Age Care Supervisor Rita Brown 604-983-6381 [email protected]
ECE Supervisor, 3-5 Group Care Anna Stasiak 604-983-6380 [email protected]
ECE Supervisor, Infant/Toddler Program Vanessa Lilley 604-983-6380 [email protected]
Family Services Supervisor Alicia Todhunter 604-983-6382 ext 2 [email protected]
My First Preschool Supervisor Johanna Kopp 604-983-6382 [email protected]
Seniors Department
Seniors’ Services Manager Erin Smith 604-983-6376 [email protected]
Seniors’ Program Assistant Nargis Somani 604-983-6374 [email protected]
Seniors’ Program Assistant/Fleet Katie Kearney 604-983-6359 [email protected]
My Parkgate BREAK Supervisor Pam Havens 604-983-6373 [email protected]
Youth Department
Youth Services Manager Dale Cheyne 604-983-6379/604-783-8053 [email protected]
Youth Services Coordinator Natasha Rivard-Morton 604-783-5754 [email protected]