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Parkgate Community Services Society (PCSS) is a registered not-for-profit charitable society (BN:107010548 RR 0001) that has been in operation since 1983. PCSS provides community-based programs and services out of Parkgate Community Centre, the Seymour Youth Centre, and other satellite locations.

How PCSS Helps the Community

PCSS is an innovative leader in creating opportunities for each person in our community to live life better. We reach out to develop, support and strengthen the community we serve. We collaborate with organizations, and connect and engage families and individuals of all generations, cultures and abilities. PCSS is committed to strengthening the bonds that bring people together in a respectful, caring and creative environment.

How You Can Help PCSS

Your support helps to ensure that PCSS can continue to provide programs and services to our community. As funds from grants and sponsors are subject to increasing restraints each year, your donations are more important than ever. Whether you choose to assist us immediately or in the future, your donation is always needed and is greatly appreciated.

Donors can designate which programs their funds will help, and your donation will allow us to deliver:

Child & Family (from 6 months to 12 years old):

  • Child and Family programs
  • Family resource programs
  • Drop-in playgroups for children and their caregivers

“I regularly attend a low cost family drop-in program with my children because of the social interaction and opportunity to network with other parents in my neighbourhood.  The program has been an invaluable beneficial, and emotional support for me and my children.”   Tamara S.


  • Presentations on youth issues
  • Drug and alcohol education for youth
  • Youth advocacy
  • Youth crisis intervention and family mediation 
  • Individual youth support (including assesment and referral)
  • Youth centres staffed by trained Youth Workers

“For the past six years the Parkgate youth centre has been an inviting, and safe place for me to talk to youth workers and engage in a fun environment.  Out-trips, like hockey and skiing, have given me lots of great memories.  My best experience was attending surf camps and working my way up to being a mentor on one of the girls’ trips.  I have also developed volunteer skills while working with preteens at the youth centre.”  Gabriella R.


  • Special events and bus trips
  • Drop-in sports
  • Drop-in social games
  • Free programs
  • Twice-weekly lunches and daily coffee from the Community Kitchen

“Our families are grateful that Parkgate offers meals where we can socialize with others.  It is also a relief for us not to have to worry about preparing all of our meals.  Attending exercise programs keep us healthy and it is fun to go to the Friday movies.  There are lots of reasons to go to Parkgate!  Vivienne & Arthur C.

Or, donate to ongoing community support by PCSS.

Donations may also be made to the Parkgate Community Legacy Fund in order to care for the future needs of the society.

How To Donate

To donate online, please click the DONATE button.

If you would like to discuss future giving options, please phone 604-983-6350 or email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I donate to Parkgate Community Services Society?

Please see our Ways to Donate page.

How is my donation to Parkgate Community Services Society used?

Parkgate Community Services Society is a not-for-profit society.  Please go to our Overview page for information about how your donation will benefit the community.

What is the Parkgate Community Legacy Fund?

Launched in 2008, this fund was established through the Vancity Community Legacy Foundation, to provide funding to programs, operations, initiatives and activities of Parkgate Community Services Society that are beyond the scope of the annual operating budget.  The Parkgate Community Legacy Fund is an enduring fund: only the interest which the fund accumulates will be disbursed.  Your ‘gift’ to the legacy fund will ‘endure’ and keep giving for years to come.

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