This evening! Learn about Electoral Reform!

If you are confused by the 2018 provincial Referendum on Electoral Reform, you are not alone. This evening we will be hosting an educational presentation and discussion on the three proportional systems that are outlined in this year’s electoral referendum. The session will be facilitated by Dr. Conrad King from the Department of Political Science at Capilano University.

Around October 22, all B.C. residents will receive a mail-in ballot, to be returned to Elections BC by November 30. Voters will be asked to answer two questions on the referendum ballot.

The issue facing all voters is understanding the differences between the three proportional systems. Dr. King will explain these differences so you will be better equipped to make an educated decision.

Parkgate Community Centre, Mary Hunter Hall, Monday, October 22, at 7 PM

Space is limited so we suggest that you come early.

For more information about the referendum, here is a link to Elections BC website.