Youth FAQs

What happens at the Youth Centre?

The Youth Centre at Parkgate Community Centre is a safe space for youth to chill. Free food is available at almost all drop-ins. Facilities include a large screen TV, Wii, PS3, pool table, foosball, air hockey, board games and access to a gymnasium with various sporting equipment. Drop-ins also feature movies, art and crafting materials, climbing wall opportunities and more. To see what is happening, check out the youth events calendar.

Who goes to the Youth Centre?

Youth from ages 11 to 18 are welcome to drop in to the Youth Centre during times listed on the Youth Centre page.  Note that preteens and teens have different drop-in times. Occasionally there are events for youth aged 19 to 24. Please check out the youth events calendar for more information.

Who can I talk to at the Youth Centre?

The Youth Centre is staffed by trained youth workers who can support you through an issue and/or direct you to other community resources.

Youth Services Supervisor: Dale Cheyne
Cell: 604-783-8053
[email protected]

Youth Centre Coordinator: Natasha
Cell: 604-783-5754
[email protected]

Youth Outreach Worker: Nic
[email protected]

Youth Outreach Worker: Shakila
Cell: 778-885-9583
[email protected]

Youth Outreach Worker: Erika
Cell: 778-882-2566
[email protected]

What makes the Youth Centre a safe place?

The Youth Services team, along with youth who frequent the Youth Centre, have developed three rights and three responsibilities for the centre.

Preteen Dance FAQs

Preteen Dance FAQ

Parkgate Community Services Society has been programming preteen dances at Parkgate Community Centre since 2007. While the popularity of these dances has increased over the years the goal of creating a safe, fun, and positive environment still remains our goal. We are proud to offer several of these dances each year as it allows us to bring together, connect, and build memories with preteens.

1. How many preteens come to these dances?
We accommodate up to 500 grade 6 and grade 7 students at these dances. This number has been determined as safe and manageable and was arrived at with consultation of staff members, the fire department, our insurance company, and youth themselves.

2. How soon before the dance should I purchase my ticket?
We recommend the sooner the better. Purchasing all tickets for the season on registration day is great way to ensure you don’t miss out on any preteen dances.

3. I have purchased a ticket to the dance and now I can no longer attend the dance?
We know things change and stuff comes up. We follow the North Vancouver Recreation Commission and Culture refund policy, which is “you’ll receive a full refund if you request to withdraw from a program or daycamp more than five days before the scheduled start date”. Medical reasons can be accommodated.

4. I wasn’t able to purchase a ticket, what can I do?
As outlined we do have a maximum capacity in place. However, people do withdraw, so we reccomend putting your child on the waitlist. You will be contacted by a front desk staff if a spot opens. Your spot will be reserved for 24hrs before we move to the next in line.

5. How many staff are at the dances and who are they?
We maintain a minimum ratio of one dance crew member for each twenty participants. The dance crew is made up of the Parkgate Youth Services team along with staff from Parkgate’s Child Care department. Volunteers are also huge contributors to the preteen dances. Typically these volunteers are grade 11 and 12 students who are great at peer mentoring. Each member of the dance crew (whether staff or volunteer) has passed a criminal record check, and several staff members trained in first aid are present during the event. In addition to the dance crew, Genesis Security provides licensed, professional security personnel.

6. How loud is the music at the Preteen Dances?
We do a decibel level check every half hour at the dance totalling a minimum of 6 throughout the dance to ensure that music is in safe range for dancers. 88 dBA is our targeted decibel level. This number has been determined in accordance to Section 139 of the Regulation for Industrial Establishments (Reg. 851), which is outlined as an individual’s maximum daily levels of noise exposure in a 4hour period. Ear plugs are available upon request for dance participants through dance crew staff.

7. What type of music is played at these dances? Is it appropriate?
Our DJs’ have been instructed to make sure the music reflects our goals of creating a fun, positive environment. We play the latest top 40 hits, but also field requests directly from the youth along with including some fun retro dance songs. All music played is clean/radio versions, so they are free of profanity.

8. What activities occur at the dances?
We work hard to make the dances a welcoming environment for all. We understand that each preteen is different. Some personalities may gravitate to our dance crew lead dance offs, limbo contests, etc; whereas others may appreciate non-dance activities with smaller crowds, such as karaoke or games of pictionary/hangman.

9. Where does the profit from the Parkgate Preteen Dance go?
While the aim of these preteen dances is to engage and socialize youth, any profits generated after cost of running the dance is redistributed back to support Parkgate Community Services Society’s youth programs. These low cost/no cost programs include weekly preteen/teen drop-ins, skate park BBQs, and the one to one crisis support we offer youth in the Mount Seymour/Deep Cove area.

10. I can’t make the dance for 7pm, what do I do?
No problem, you have until 8:00pm in check-in/redeem your dance ticket in the main entrance. After 8:00pm we takedown the check-in tables and focus our attention to supervising and interacting with the preteens. Check-in after 8:00pm will occur by visiting the “office area” in Parkgate’s main entrance. Sorry, after 9:30pm access will be denied.

11. Is there a safe place to leave valuables such as money, cellphones, etc?
We strongly discourage preteens from bringing valuables to the dance including cellphones, as it is easy to misplace or lose items. $5 spending money should be adequate to purchase from the concession stand. Backpacks and jackets can be left in the coat check room at no charge. There is a courtesy phone in the lobby and youth workers have access to phones for youth to use if needed (ie. arrange a ride or check-in). Any dance crew member can help your child find a phone.

12. Can I take photos/selfies at the dance?
Again we encourage youth not to bring valuables such as cellphones and cameras. We don’t allow photography at the dances as Parkgate Community Services Society policy requires consent when photography is occurring. If a staff member observes photography this will be taken very seriously and will result in us taking appropriate action including discussions, deleting photo(s), and ongoing picture taking could result in being asked to leave the dance. We do take photography seriously, but at the same time can’t guarantee that we are able to stop every photo emerging from the dance.

13. Is the dance a nut free environment?
No. If youth have an allergy they are reminded to check labels and concession staff can help them make appropriate choices. Nut free and nut items are sold.

14. Why do we require PlayCards for the dances?
The PlayCard acts as your ID. Therefore, we ask that all dance goers bring a Playcard, so that we don’t give your spot away to someone else who is claiming to be you. In addition, having a Playcard provides us with contact information in the event of an emergency. If you don’t have a PlayCard the first one is free and can be obtained at any NVRC community centre.

15. What if I have lost my PlayCard or receipt for the dance?
Your Playcard can be replaced for a fee of $5.45 (plus GST) at any NVRC community centre. Please note that no Playcards will be issued by Parkgate Community Centre on the day of the dance. If you have lost your receipt and your Playcard, you can come to the dance, and we will confirm your registration at the door. Please keep in mind that this will take some time and will delay you getting into the dance.

If you do have further questions, concerns, or general feedback please feel free to call the Youth Services Supervisor at 604-783-8053.