Dementia Services

My Parkgate BREAK – Share the care

For over 5 years, My Parkgate BREAK has been a gathering place for individuals experiencing the changes associated with mild to moderate dementia. 

The twice weekly program is supported by staff and trained volunteers who share the value that we can do more together than apart. The mission is to support and enhance the lives of families on the dementia journey.

My Parkgate BREAK is making the most of all the resources available at Parkgate Community Centre to build a dementia-friendly intergenerational community for everyone. Some activities include:

  • children from our 3-5 group care program spending time with the MyParkgate BREAK members to make “memory books” that will travel with them on their journey through our health care system;
  • working together with youth to capture the life stories of our members and create playlists of ‘musical memories’;
  • mini sports days held in the gym (or outside when the weather is nice) with the 3 -5 year old children; and
  • making piñatas for Parkgate Community Day.
  • All of these activities are done with music, laughter and respect for individual preferences and differences.

My Parkgate BREAK is the first dementia-friendly program at Parkgate but it won’t be the last.  Keep your ears open for new dementia programs or contact Pam Havens, Dementia Services Supervisor, ([email protected]) for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a Seniors' Centre Membership to participate in seniors programs?

Yes. The annual membership fee is $5. All proceeds of this membership go directly to seniors’ programs and is a way of showing support for the Parkgate Seniors’ Centre.  As of January 2015 also all seniors attending drop in games programs at Parkgate will have to purchase an annual membership. Why?

  • Membership is only pennies per day.
  • Membership allows us to keep registration costs down.
  • Membership allows us to show community need in order to apply for funding.
  • Members receive the following benefits:
    • access to registered programs, out trips, special events and lunches,
    • access to drop in games programs with coffee and baked goods (purchase punch card) and
    • special members’ rate at Wednesday Eat Local lunches..
Why do I need a fitness pass for some programs?

Some programs for seniors that operate out of Parkgate Community Centre are North Vancouver Recreation Commission programs. Programs like Cardio Rehab require a special membership, while others require a valid NVRC fitness membership.

What is included with a membership to Parkgate Community Services Society?

As a member of Parkgate Community Services Society you are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and you will receive periodical newsletters. A healthy membership assists the society when it is seeking funding for programs and services. There are no obligations or costs associated with being a member of the society. To become a member of PCSS, please complete and return the Membership Application form to Parkgate Community Centre in person, by mail or fax.

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