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My Parkgate Break: May 26

My Parkgate Break April Past Programming

My Parkgate Break May Past Programming

Gail Roxburgh’s Brain & Body Fitness Videos


My Parkgate Break April Programs

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My Parkgate Break May Programs

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My Parkgate Break May 12

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My Parkgate Break Thursday May 21

Brain and Body Fitness Classes

#1: The exercises in this video are designed for people living with mild to moderate dementia. The moves are shown at a slower pace so the participants can follow the instructions on their own or with the help of a caregiver.

#2: This video is designed for people living with mild cognitive impairment or early stage dementia. It has some fun and challenging moves that work both sides of the brain at the same time.
#3: This workout involves doing exercises that strengthen the muscles & joints that can improve your balance & help prevent falls. Safety is the top priority in this class & some participants may need someone to assist them. Participants can add extra sets to their workout as they feel stronger (up to 15).
#4: TBrain and Body fitness with Gail Roxburgh, video #4his class is designed for people living with early stage dementia or mild cognitive impairment. We will be using a small ball to strengthen the muscles that we use in our everyday activities such as carrying groceries, lifting dishes out of the cupboard and getting in and out of bed. The workout is about 30 minutes in length and includes a warm-up, strengthening with a small ball or isometric exercises and stretching and can be done in parts.
Brain and body fitness with Gail Roxburgh, video 5#5: In this class, we will be doing “exercises that will wake up our brain’s”. Some of the moves will activate both sides of the brain at the same time while other moves will challenge the brain while doing completely different moves at the same time. The main object of the class is to laugh and have fun!

Gail is a registered fitness instructor with the NVRC and has been working with people living with dementia for over fifteen years. In recent years, Gail has worked as a fitness instructor for the Alzheimer’s Society in their program called “Minds in Motion”.  She also designed her own program called Minds and Body Fitness for People with Dementia – it is a NSNH program and it is held at JBCC.

Every Thursday afternoon, for the past few year Gail has taught a” Fitness and Brain Games” class with Parkgate Society’s  “My Parkgate Break” Program – a gathering place for individuals experiencing the changes associated with early to moderate dementia.  When all the community centres were closed due to the coronavirus, Pam Havens, “My Parkgate Break” supervisor and Gail became very concerned about how this would affect people in our communities that are living with dementia. They came up with an idea that maybe we could stay connected to everyone by producing fitness videos that people could do at home.
We hope  that anyone living with dementia and their caregivers will enjoy these videos!

Message from Pam Havens, March 26, 2020

Facebook: Pam Havens

Instagram: @pam.havens.parkgate.seniors

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a Seniors' Centre Membership to participate in seniors programs?

Yes. The annual membership fee is $5. All proceeds of this membership go directly to seniors’ programs and is a way of showing support for the Parkgate Seniors’ Centre.  As of January 2015 also all seniors attending drop in games programs at Parkgate will have to purchase an annual membership. Why?

  • Membership is only pennies per day.
  • Membership allows us to keep registration costs down.
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  • Members receive the following benefits:
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Why do I need a fitness pass for some programs?

Some programs for seniors that operate out of Parkgate Community Centre are North Vancouver Recreation Commission programs. Programs like Cardio Rehab require a special membership, while others require a valid NVRC fitness membership.

What is included with a membership to Parkgate Community Services Society?

As a member of Parkgate Community Services Society you are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and you will receive periodical newsletters. A healthy membership assists the society when it is seeking funding for programs and services. There are no obligations or costs associated with being a member of the society. To become a member of PCSS, please complete and return the Membership Application form to Parkgate Community Centre in person, by mail or fax.

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