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Parkgate SK8 Park

The Parkgate SK8 Park is unique with a combination of bowl and street elements. The skate park was officially opened in the fall of 2000, and attracts hundreds of youth year round! Participants need to provide their own skateboard, helmet, knee and elbow pads. Helmets are mandatory and it is highly recommended that skaters wear other safety equipment.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Thursday, and Sunday 9am-10pm
Friday and Saturday 9am-11pm


Parkgate SK8 Park Rules

Skateboard Lessons:

Skateboard lessons are available during the summer months (weather permitting). For more information and to register, contact North Vancouver Recreation & Culture [1]

Parkgate SK8 Park Features

The skate park is for the young and young at heart! Let your voice be heard.  Contact the District of North Vancouver Parks Department at 604-990-3800  [2]if the ‘bowl’ needs fixing or you encounter any safety issues. Your input is important.

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ParkgateSK8 Park Background

The Parkgate SK8 Park is one of the first hybrid bowl and street-style parks in North America. It was the result of a youth-driven initiative that began in 1994 and gained momentum during the summer of 1998. Community members of all ages contributed their design ideas for the skate park and received invaluable assistance during this process. Many of the community’s skaters helped raise funds for the skate park construction. Funding for the project came from the British Columbia 2000 Community Spirit Grant, the Vancouver Foundation, private donations, the District of North Vancouver and the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture.

This skate park was the first project to receive a community public art grant through the District of North Vancouver. The goal of the community public art program is to create art work that is accessible to the public, not simply by virtue of its placement in a public space or because of its content, but through the engagement of community members in defining and shaping their environment. Through this grant, granite and concrete benches were designed to incorporate art and functionality.

If you need more information about this skate park or you would like to get involved, contact us [4].