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Welcome to the website of Parkgate Community Services Society, a registered, not-for-profit charitable society that has been in operation since 1983. We reach out to develop, support and strengthen the community we serve. We collaborate with organizations, and connect and engage families and individuals of all generations, cultures and abilities.

Parkgate Community Services Society has a unique partnership with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture to provide community-based programs and services through Parkgate Community Centre, located in the Deep Cove/East Seymour area of North Vancouver, British Columbia.

The spirit of Parkgate Community Centre is a commitment to all ages experiencing life together, making it a lively and innovative place that embodies the Parkgate motto to live life better.


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  • Fall Registered Programs at Seniors’ Centre

    Are you ready for Fall registration starting on Wednesday August 19? Take a look at Seniors' Centre offerings below and get active! Get to know your iPad! We are now offering level 1 and level 2 iPad classes. See below for barcodes and fees. Our Chair Yoga by Jennifer D. is mild yoga for

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Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect in a group care setting?

Choosing a child care program is a very important decision for any family.  While some families choose an in-home caregiver, such as a nanny, or a small at-home daycare, other families choose group care programs.  Staff are partners with parents in caring for their child.  A child enrolled full-time can spend 50+ hours a week with the staff in the program.  It is important for parents to familiarize themselves with certain positives and realities of group care.

  • For children under three years, there is a ratio of one staff to four children.  Not all parents are prepared for their child to share the attention of their caregiver.
  • Children who attend group care programs (both small and large programs) will seem to get sick more often.  Children spending time together pass along colds, flu’s and other nuisances, such as lice, quite often.  Toys and furniture are sanitized daily and weekly respectively; furniture such as tables are sanitized many times a day.  For sanitization, our program uses ‘Virox 5’, which is a broad spectrum sanitizer.  This disinfectant is a virucidal and bactericidal agent and is manufactured for use in health care, institutional facilities and food processing establishments.
  • Children in our programs spend much time outdoors and it surprises some parents that children play outdoors regardless of the weather.  Children in our programs will play outside in the sun, the rain and the snow.  Parents are required to provide their child with appropriate clothes for the weather.  In our programs, children play in the sprinkler on hot days and sit in mud puddles on rainy days.  Parents should be prepared to pick up a wet/and or dirty child at the end of the day.
  • Children participating in group care situations benefit from opportunities for relationship building with a variety of adults and children.  Group centres are large and fun places to learn and experiment.  Children in group centres have opportunities for building life and social skills each day they attend.  Children who attend group centres find the transition to kindergarten easier than those who don’t. They have had experience being in a group, learning routines and moving through daily transitions.
How long is the wait list? How long can I expect to wait for a space? Is the list numbered?

The wait for an available space in any of our programs varies greatly.  The longest wait is for children under three and this wait can be anywhere from one to three years.  Our waitlist is not numbereed for a variety of reasons.  Spaces are filled in our infant and toddler program according to birth month, birth year and gender.  We offer full-time and part-time spaces, and what we have to offer may match what a family is looking for (i.e. there may be a Monday/Tuesday space available, but the family whose child fits the other criteria only needs Thursday/Fridays).  For these reasons, it is not possible to number the list.

When can I put my child's name on the wait list?

Wait list applications are accepted only after a child has been born.  Wait list forms can be completed and submitted online, or picked up at the front desk and then faxed to 604-983-6357 or dropped off at our front desk at Parkgate Community Centre.

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