Our Child and Family Centre provides a caring, supportive and vital community service – a place of security, adventure and playfulness for children from 6 months to 12 years old.

The child care programs offered by Parkgate Community Services Society hold a child care license through Vancouver Coastal Health and our professional team of educators are committed to meeting the needs of the individual child. We offer infant and toddler care, 3-5 group care, pre-school, out of school care, as well as  daycamps for school aged children during school closures and the summer months. Our family programs offer free and low cost drop in playgroups, family events, community resources and educational opportunities.

Programs and services provided for children and families are funded and implemented through Parkgate Community Services Society.

The Parkgate Child & Family Centre enhances the lives of children, families, staff and the community by providing a caring, supportive and vital community service. It is a place of security, adventure, co-operation and playfulness for children.

Parkgate Child & Family Centre is a place where:

IMG_9959Children are encouraged to question, to be self-reliant and to be respectful of the rights and differences of others. Children learn through their experiences as they grow in confidence and competence. Child guidance is always positive and nurturing.

Parents are involved in meaningful ways in the child care experience. Parents are assured of quality care for their children. Family members and staff support and encourage each other.

Staff is entitled to a work environment that recognizes and respects their training, skills and commitment to child care. Staff, families and the community work skillfully to meet the needs of the individual child and the group in an environment that is creative, stimulating, flexible and predictable. Inclusion, multiculturalism, interdependence and dignity are valued.

The community plays a vital role in supporting the development of healthy families. There is recognition of partnerships among staff, family and the community.