Donor Recognition

Each year, Parkgate Community Services Society proudly displays a THANKS TO YOU! poster in the foyer at Parkgate Community Centre. This poster lists the names of all those who have contributed monetary or in-kind donations, as well as a list of the society’s primary funders. Also included on this poster are the names of volunteers who contributed 100+ hours in volunteer time during the year.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I donate to Parkgate Community Services Society?

Please see our Ways to Donate page.

How is my donation to Parkgate Community Services Society used?

Parkgate Community Services Society is a not-for-profit society.  Please go to our Overview page for information about how your donation will benefit the community.

What is the Parkgate Community Legacy Fund?

Launched in 2008, this fund was established through the Vancity Community Legacy Foundation, to provide funding to programs, operations, initiatives and activities of Parkgate Community Services Society that are beyond the scope of the annual operating budget.  The Parkgate Community Legacy Fund is an enduring fund: only the interest which the fund accumulates will be disbursed.  Your ‘gift’ to the legacy fund will ‘endure’ and keep giving for years to come.

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